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Our Services

Servo Motors Servo Motors
We specialize in repairing servo motors. We can diagnose the motor and feedback device for many makes and models.
Pumps Pumps
If you need sales, service, repair or maintenance to your industrial commercial pumps, contact us today.
Rewinding Motor Rewinding
Palo Alto Electric Motor provides motor rewinds, shaft rebuilds, rebared rotors and impeller rebuilds for many different companies.

Servo Motors Services

Servo Pumps
Repair of Yaskawa brush type servo motor.
Servo Motor Repair is highly specialized and requires a shop that has factory trained technicians, documentation, test equipment, cabling, and expertise to repair these sophisticated motors. Servos vary widely in specifications from one manufacturer to another. We have invested in the equipment and training to repair your Servo motors locally. Upon receiving your motor we will run test it to give you an evaluation and quotation for repair and upon approval, we will do what is required to return your motor to factor new condition.

Palo Alto Electric Motor Corp. provides a variety of services to our customers for the sales, service and repairs many different servo motors. Our staff will assist you by providing excellent customer service to document and help troubleshoot your ac brushless or dc servo motor needs.

Servo Motor Services •
  • Dynamic testing
  • Encoder testing
  • Motor winding surge test
  • Bearing replacement
  • Back drive test
  • Motor winding / encoder alignment
  • Armature bar-to-bar test
  • Armature growler test
  • Armature dynamic balanced
  • Machine and undercut mica
  • Brush replacement
  • Brush holder repairs
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