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Our Services

Servo Motors Servo Motors
We specialize in repairing servo motors. We can diagnose the motor and feedback device for many makes and models.
Pumps Pumps
If you need sales, service, repair or maintenance to your industrial commercial pumps, contact us today.
Rewinding Motor Rewinding
Palo Alto Electric Motor provides motor rewinds, shaft rebuilds, rebared rotors and impeller rebuilds for many different companies.

Electric Motor Rewinding

Motor Rewinding Palo Alto Electric Motor Corp. provides a variety of services to our customers for the sales, service, repairs and installation of the following servo pumps listed below. Our staff will assist you in providing excellent customer service when choosing your equipment selection.

Rewinding Services •
Rewind Equipment •
  • AC / DC motor rewind up to 1,000 HP
  • Convert 60hz to 50hz
  • Custom Voltages
  • Hermetic
  • Oil Filled
  • Generator
  • Brush Shifting
  • OEM Motor Rewinds
  • Solenoid Coils
  • Magnetic Chucks
  • Automatic Dip / Bake Oven 3x4
  • Temperature Control Burn Oven 3x3
  • Bake Oven 6x6

The only commercial facility in California to have an automatic dip and bake oven to ensure a quality job every time.
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